Install Free Weather Widget and Tool!
Install Free Weather Widget and Tool!

  • Weather Radar - Chipman, NB - Environment Canada
    A radar image indicating where precipitation is occurring Customize your map to view overlays such as cities, roads, rivers, radar circles, and animations in short (1hr) and long (3hr) format
  • Novaweather
    RADAR IMAGERY Canadian Products: Gore NS (XGO) Marion Bridge NS (XMB) Chipman, NB (XNC) Holyrood NF (WTP) Marble Mountain NF (XME) Echo heights (NAVCAN)
  • Weather Graphics - Flight Service
    FAA Flight Service Provider Get information and charts for your airport
  • US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos--Third Series (80259 to . . .
    US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos Third Series (80259 to 90019) Last revised November 7, 2018
  • Shipmates1. txt - Navy Veterans - NAVetsUSA Home Port
    rank: BM 3,USN1948-1953,Nickname "Boats" address: 4520 Vivian Dr city: Sebring, FL 33872-1722 phone: 863-382-8864 ***** Samuel J Benny ADR2 USN Email address: sjabennbearcat@hotmail com Subject: Application comments: Joined the Navy 1949, aboard the USS Newport News, 1949-1951 Changed rate to Airman, stationed at VX2, Chincoteague, Va then

Install Free Weather Widget and Tool!
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