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  • Tetbury - Wikipedia
    Tetbury is situated in a landscape of gently rolling hills primarily used for farmland, including grazing of sheep and grain production Its location is associated with a nearby major east-west trade or drovers trail, which would account for its early importance as a wool trade centre
  • Cotswolds - Wikipedia
    The Cotswolds ( ˈ k ɒ t s w oʊ l d z KOTS-wohldz, -w ə l d z -wəldz) is an area in south central England containing the Cotswold Hills, a range of rolling hills which rise from the meadows of the upper Thames to an escarpment, known as the Cotswold Edge, above the Severn Valley and Evesham Vale The area is defined by the bedrock of Jurassic limestone that creates a type of grassland
  • List of cities and towns in England - Simple English . . .
    This is a link page for towns and cities in England In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a town is any settlement which has received a charter of incorporation, more commonly known as a town charter, approved by the monarch Cities are indicated in bold
  • Gloucester - Wikipedia
    Gloucester (pronuncia [ˈglɒstə]) è una città del Sud Ovest dell'Inghilterra, con status di distretto Conta 110 207 abitanti ed è il capoluogo della contea del Gloucestershire Sorge sul fiume Severn Il porto di Gloucester è collegato tramite il Gloucester and Sharpness Canal all'estuario del Severn Il porto è stato restaurato negli anni ottanta Alcuni magazzini portuali ora
  • Highgrove House – Wikipedia
    Highgrove House ist der Landsitz von Prince Charles, Fürst von Wales, bei Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England Es gehört zum Herzogtum Cornwall Erbaut wurde die Residenz zwischen 1796 und 1798 für John Paul Paul 1894 wurde sie nach einem Brand renoviert Das Haus besitzt neun Schlafzimmer und vier Empfangsräume Nach umfangreichen Renovierungsarbeiten zog der Fürst von Wales, der auch

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