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  • Qom - Wikipedia
    Qom, the capital of Qom province, is located 125 kilometers south of Tehran, on a low plain The shrine of Fatimeh Masumeh, the sister of Imam Reza , is located in this city, which is considered by Shiʿa Muslims holy
  • Qom Province - Wikipedia
    Qom Province (Persian: استان قم ‎, Ostān-e Qom), pre-Islamic Komishan Qomishan, is one of the 31 provinces of Iran with 11,237 km², covering 0 89% of the total area in Iran It is in the north of the country, and its provincial capital is the city of Qom
  • Qom County - Wikipedia
    Qom County (Persian: قم ‎) is the only county in Qom Province in Iran, with which it is coextensive The capital of the county is Qom At the 2006 census, the county's population was 1,036,714, in 262,313 families [1]
  • Qom rug - Wikipedia
    Qom rugs (or Qum, Ghom, Ghum) are made in the Qom Province of Iran, around 100 km south of Tehran Although rug weaving in Qom was not a major industry until the past 100 years, the luxurious silk and wool rugs of Qom are known for their high quality and are regarded among the most expensive in the world
  • Sulaqan, Qom - Wikipedia
    This Qom province location article is a stub You can help Wikipedia by expanding it
  • Qom - Wikipedia
    Qom (Persie: قم ‎, an aa kent as Q'um or Ghom) is a ceety in Iran It lies 156 kilometres (97 mi) bi road soothwast o Tehran an is the caipital o Qom Province It haes an estimatit population o 1,042,309 in 2005
  • Qom - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Qom is the second religious city of Iran and one of the bases of Shi'ism The city dates back to before the rise of Islam The city was conquered by Muslims in 23 644-645 but the people of Qom converted to Islam with the immigration of Ash'ariyyun in 85 704-705,
  • Toba Qom language - Wikipedia
    Toba Qom is a Guaicuruan language spoken in South America by the Toba people The language is known by a variety of names including Toba, Qom or Kom, Chaco Sur, and Toba Sur In Argentina it is most widely dispersed in the eastern regions of the provinces of Formosa and Chaco where the majority of the approximately 19,810 (2000 WCD) speakers

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