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    05 10-2018 SPAIN Since the last week of september, EAJ-29 Radio Intercontinental de Madrid (327 mts 918 kHz), has gone off the air The reason is unknown by me and other listeners, but the owners are technically in bankruptcy (or so), plus the facilities and antenna system is neglected (could been looted by cooper thiefs) and in semi-ruin, and the transmitter unit itself is very old (strong
  • MediumWave. Info
    News, Reports and Loggings from the Long- and Medium Wave bands
  • MWLIST - longwave, mediumwave, tropical bands and . . .
    MWLIST is a database of all transmitters and stations on longwave and mediumwave worldwide It also contains stations transmitting on the tropical bands and on shortwave It contains technical data and is useful for DX listeners, to identify stations and for keeping logbooks
  • Radio Equipment :: DXing. info
    Half Size Dual Active Delta Flag Arrays The half size active dual flag array antenna requires only 30 meters of linear space, and so it is an excellent choice for MW DXers with limited space for antennas, says Dallas Lankford in his article
  • news radio stations | radio-now. co. uk - DAB multiplex info . . .
    Listen to news, sport and talk radio stations broadcasting on the web Live audio from sport phone-in stations, plus the latest news headlines on demand
  • Boston Area DXers (BADX) - NASWA
    Introduction By Steve Byan Welcome to the Boston Area DXers (BADX), the Boston area chapter of NASWA BADX is an association of shortwave, mediumwave, and longwave DXers, and shortwave radio listeners
  • radio-now. co. uk | radio station news | DAB multiplex info . . .
    Mediumwave frequencies close on BBC local radio - need to know Can't find BBC Radio Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Humberside or Lincolnshire on MW? Here's why, with ways to listen from now on
  • BBC News - Ecuador country profile
    Ecuador is a patchwork of indigenous communities, including people of colonial Spanish origins and the descendants of African slaves Its capital, Quito, once a part of the Inca empire, has some of the best-preserved early colonial architecture on the continent

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