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  • Mauritius climate: average weather, temperature . . .
    On the islands of Mauritius, the climate is tropical, with a hot and rainy season which reaches its peak from January to March, and a relatively cooler and less rainy season from June to September In fact, being in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed compared with Europe or North America
  • Mauritius: Weather Climate - When to go, what to do and . . .
    The climate is tropical with variations according to the season and area From January to April it is predominantly hot weather with high humidity and temperatures of around 25°C to 30°C There is a possibility of cyclones at this time although happily these are unusual
  • Best time to visit Mauritius and climate -Tourism Mauritius
    As Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, the summer and winter months are opposite to seasons in Europe Seasons Summer: November to April The weather is hot and humid during these months, with peaks in temperatures occurring in the months of December, January and February
  • Mauritius Climate Guide: Monthly Weather
    Find the best month to visit Mauritius based on the weather Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Check climate guides for Mauritius showing average temperature, rainfall sunshine figures for each month of the year
  • Best Time to Visit Mauritius in 2019 *Mauritius Weather . . .
    The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to December when the weather is cool, dry and sunny Expect some of Africa’s best beaches, fresh seafood and long, sundrenched days on a Mauritius holiday The island has a classic tropical climate with warm weather year-round
  • Mauritius Weather and When to Go - TripAdvisor
    The first cyclone to affect Mauritius in 2013 was Dumile on January 3rd - the centre passed very close to the north west of the island and caused bad weather and some damage 2014 15 summer saw very high rainfall from mid December to March with temperatures averaging 4C higher than normal
  • Mauritius Weather - Weather in Mauritius - Mauritius . . .
    So, tourists can enjoy the excellent tropical climate all the year round, the white sandy beaches and the turquoise lagoons of the Island of Mauritius Mauritius has only two seasons: Summer is from November to April and winter is from May to October
  • Best Time to Visit Mauritius | Climate Guide | Audley Travel
    When is the best time to visit Mauritius? Mauritius has an enviable subtropical climate that normally brings sun, warmth and blue skies Most of the year is perfect beach weather: temperatures tend to be at their hottest towards the end of the year, from October through to December

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