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  • Khasab - Wikipedia
    Khasab (Arabic: خَصَب ‎, romanized: Ḫaṣab) is a city in an exclave of Oman bordering the United Arab Emirates It is the local capital of the Musandam Governorate, and has frequently been dubbed the "Norway of Arabia" because of its extensive fjord-like craggy inlets and desolate mountainscapes Khasab is a small city when compared to nearby cities of the United Arab Emirates
  • Khasab Airport - Wikipedia
    Khasab Airport (Arabic: مطار خصب ‎) (IATA: KHS, ICAO: OOKB) is an airport serving Khasab, a harbor city in Oman and capital of the Musandam Governorate () The harbor opens onto the Strait of Hormuz The airport lies in a valley between two close mountain ridges Another ridge lies just off the departure end of Runway 19
  • Khasab — Wikipedia Republished WIKI 2
    Khasab Quite the same Wikipedia Just better The Portuguese built Khasab at the beginning of the 17th century, at the height of their naval presence in the region The natural harbour gave shelter from rough seas Unlike many forts, which were built on high ground for defensive purposes, Khasab was designed as a supply point for dates and water for Portuguese ships sailing through the strait
  • Khasab - Wikitravel
    Khasab (Arabic: خصب‎) is a city in the exclave of Oman northwest of Muscat It is the capital city of the Musandam peninsula on the coast of the Hormuz Straight between Iran, United Arab Emirates and Oman Khasab was a city isolated from the rest of the region for long time
  • Khasab – Travel guide at Wikivoyage
    Khasab (Arabic: خصب‎) is a city in the northwest Omani exclave of Musandam and home to about 18,000 inhabitants It is the state capital of the Musandam peninsula on the coast of the Hormuz Strait between Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Oman Understand [] Khasab was isolated from the rest of the region for a long time
  • Category:Khasab - Wikimedia Commons
    Media in category "Khasab" The following 29 files are in this category, out of 29 total
  • Khasab – Wikipedia
    Khasab (arab خصب ‎, Khaṣab) on Omanin pohjoisosan Hajarvuoriston pohjoispäässä, Persianlahden suuaukon eli Hormuzinsalmen etelärannalla sijaitseva kaupunki Khasab on Musandamin kuvernoraatin hallintokeskus Khasab on myös yksi Omanin aluehallinnon 2 tason 61:stä piirikunnasta (wilaya) Khasab sijaitsee linnuntietä 370 kilometriä pääkaupunki Masqatista luoteeseen
  • Khasab - Wikipedia
    Sa amihanan, dagat ang pinakaduol sa Khasab Ang kinahabogang dapit sa palibot dunay gihabogon nga 527 ka metro ug 2 0 km sa habagatan-sidlakan sa Khasab Dunay mga 23 ka tawo kada kilometro kwadrado Hapit nalukop sa desiyerto ug kamingawan ang palibot sa Khasab medyo gamay nga populasyon

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