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  • Chiayi - Wikipedia
    Chiayi (Hokkien POJ: Ka-gī; Chinese: 嘉義), officially known as Chiayi City, is a city located in the plains of southwestern Taiwan Formerly called Kagee during the late Qing dynasty and Kagi during the Japanese era ( Chinese and Japanese : 嘉義), its historical name is Tirosen
  • Chiayi County - Wikipedia
    Chiayi County is divided into 2 cities, 2 urban townships, 13 rural townships and 1 mountain indigenous township Taibao City is the seat of Chiayi County and is home to Chiayi County Government The Chiayi County Council is however located in Puzi City Weng Chang-liang of the Democratic Progressive Party is the incumbent Magistrate of Chiayi County
  • Chiayi Airport - Wikipedia
    Chiayi Airport was subsequently added to the list of airports where direct cross-straits flights between China and Taiwan are allowed in 2013 A series of charter flights between Chiayi and Shizuoka Airport was launched by China Airlines that year, making them the first international flight from Chiayi Airport
  • East District, Chiayi - Wikipedia
    Wikimedia Commons has media related to East District, Chiayi City This article about a location in Taiwan is a stub You can help Wikipedia by expanding it
  • Chiayi railway station - Wikipedia
    A Chiayi station platform for trains on the Alishan Forest Railway Chiayi ( Chinese : 嘉義 ; pinyin : Jiāyì ) is a railway station in Chiayi , Taiwan served by Taiwan Railways and Alishan Forest Railway
  • Dalin, Chiayi - Wikipedia
    Dalin Township (Chinese: 大林鎮; pinyin: Dàlín Zhèn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tōa-nâ) is an urban township in Chiayi County, Taiwan To the east is Meishan, to the south Minxiong and to the north Yunlin County Dalin TzuChi General Hospital (大林慈濟醫院) is located here
  • Chiayi City - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Chiayi City (Chinese: 嘉義市; Taiwanese: Ka-gī chhī) is a provincial city of southwestern Taiwan Province of the Republic of China Formerly called Kagi during the Japanese era , its historical name in Chinese (諸羅山) borrows from the Taiwanese aboriginal word Tirosen
  • Chiayi HSR station - Wikipedia
    Overview The station is elevated with two side platforms The two platforms are connected by an overhead skyway The station was designed by Fei Cheng Associates and constructed primarily by Takenaka Corporation The roof of the station building and the platform are horizontally connected, and an oval-shaped skylight is installed in the center of the station hall

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