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  • Ceduna - Eyre Peninsula - Nullarbor Travel Guide
    Ceduna Visitor Information Centre Ceduna's Visitor Information Centre is located at 58 Poynton Street Nullarbor Net recommends travelers pay a visit to the Information Centre in order to view an excellent range of take away brochures covering Ceduna, the Nullarbor, Eyre Peninsula and other regional South Australian attractions
  • Top 10 things to do in the Eyre Peninsula | South . . .
    Nullarbor National Park is a six hour drive from Ceduna Coffin Bay National Park is a 30 minute drive from Port Lincoln Lincoln National Park is a 12 minute drive from Port Lincoln 10 SHACK UP IN STYLE Choose from a range of Eyre Peninsula accommodation including cabins, tourist parks, bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels and waterfront
  • Far West Coast Nullarbor | Far West Coast Nullarbor . . .
    Far West Coast Nullarbor One of the most contrasting, dramatic and isolated regions on the Eyre Peninsula, the Far West Coast and Nullarbor is awe-inspiring Begin your journey in Ceduna and head west to a landscape full of hidden secrets and foot-print free beaches , and watch it flatten and change as you reach the treeless Nullarbor Plain
  • Ceduna Map - Nullarbor Travel Guide Australia
    Nullarbor Net is your interactive guide map covering Smoky Bay, Ceduna, Denial Bay, Penong, Cactus Beach, Fowler's Bay and Nundroo This interactive map has clickable links for outback travel through South Australia's Eyre Peninsula
  • Eyre Peninsula – Travel guide at Wikivoyage
    The Eyre Peninsula is home to national parks, ancient caves, and the Nullarbor Plain - the vast, treeless plain that will fascinate anyone with an explorer's spirit You can have unforgettable sea adventures, like swimming with sea lions at Baird Bay, cage diving with Great White Sharks at Port Lincoln, and even swimming with tuna
  • Ceduna Tours - Thevenard, Tour | SA Tourism
    Perry Will has operated Ceduna Tours and Ceduna Boat Charter for the past 37 years He chauffeurs one and two day four wheel drive tours to the southern right whale sanctuary at the head of the Great Australian Bight on the Nullarbor, July to October All year round he operates King George whiting
  • Eyre Peninsula, South Australia - Tourism Australia
    If you love fishing, you'll love the Eyre Peninsula's abundant and varied catches For those who prefer their fish on the end of their fork, that means some of Australia's best seafood You can buy whiting, snapper, garfish, prawns and lobsters fresh off the boat at the Farmer and Fishermen's Market in Streaky Bay in April
  • Ceduna, South Australia - Explore Australia Travel Guide
    The name Ceduna is derived from the Aboriginal word 'chedoona', meaning resting place, which is apt for those who have just traversed the Nullarbor Ceduna is also the last major town for those about to embark on the journey west – the place to check your car and stock up on food and water

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