Djelfa Weather Forecast,Local Weather, Temperature

Today's Forecast

Partly Cloudy
High:25°C,  77°F
Low: 6°C,  43°F
Weather Forecast:

Partly Cloudy
High:25°C,  77°F
Low: 6°C,  43°F

High:21°C,  70°F
Low: 8°C,  46°F

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Djelfa Information & News:
  • Tamanrasset - Wikipedia
    Tamanrasset ( t æ m ɪ n r æ s ɪ t ; [stress?] Arabic: تمنراست ‎), also known as Tamanghasset or Tamenghest, is an oasis city and capital of Tamanrasset Province in southern Algeria, in the Ahaggar Mountains It is the chief city of the Algerian Tuareg It is located an altitude of 1,320 metres (4,330 ft) As of the 2008 census, it has a population of 92,635, up from 72,741 in 1998
  • Sidi Bel Abbès - Wikipedia
    Sidi Bel Abbès (Arabic: سيدي بلعباس ‎), also called Bel Abbès is capital (2005 pop 200,000) of the Sidi Bel Abbès wilaya (2005 pop 590,000), Algeria It is named after Sidi bel Abbass, a Muslim marabout or noble man who is buried there The city is the commercial center of an important area of vineyards, market gardens, orchards, and grain fields
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Weather Forecast,Local Weather, Temperature